About Us @ No Limits Trampoline Club

Established in 1999 No Limits Trampoline Club has produced many South African Champions of different ages and levels many of whom have gone on to represent South African in the international arena.

Our club, coaches and judges are all affiliated with Central Gauteng Gymnastics Association and with the South African Gymnastics Federation.

We pride ourselves on offering professional coaching by qualified coaches in the sport of trampoline and believe that our safety record and competition results over the years are a testimony to this fact.

Why choose trampoline over any other sport? Because trampolining is a great holistic health giver, bringing both physical and mental benefits to adults and children alike. It is a low impact sport which improves your cardiovascular fitness, it builds stronger bones and develops co-ordination and motor skills like no other sports.

Trampoline is extremely attractive for children and youth of all ages because it is fun! Given a choice children will always gravitate towards a trampoline over all other playground equipment because jumping makes them feel good. It is a fun way to encourage your children to be more active and it is also a well known fact that regular use of trampoline improves the ability to concentrate which leads to academic improvement and success.